Q & A

1.Question: Does the product contain lead?

Answer: The outer layer of the product is pure zinc, which does not include lead. The steel wire inside contains a very small amount of lead, we hope it will help you.

2.Question: Can this mesh be used for stucco?

Answer: It can be used for stucco, but our product is a hot-dip galvanized after welded product, it may be too costly for your need, you can choose some relatively cheap products.

3.Question:Can this be used in plaster ceiling work? Old ceilings use same in 1/4" x 1/4" size (19 gauge) but is not available anywhere.

Answer: This item can be used in your project. 1/4inch mesh 19guage is rarely manufactured now, because it has very few uses, but the manufacturing cost is very high.