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  • 30 Days Soaking Test

    Each batch of SEBOSS products will be immersed in oxygen-enriched water for 30 days , and can be delivered to consumers after meeting the strict conditions of SEBOSS.

    So if you use SEBOSS products outdoors and it often rains, there is nothing more suitable than our products.

  • 96 Hours Salt Spray Test

    The presence of salt makes the rust faster. SEBOSS products use 96 hours of salt spray test, which is equivalent to 8 years of use in a natural environment.

    In some areas, such as the use in a seaside high-salt environment, the experimental situation will be somewhat different from the actual situation.

  • Wire Tensile and Trength Test

    The tensile test can determine a series of strength indexes and plasticity indexes of materials. Strength usually refers to the ability of a material to resist elastic deformation, plastic deformation and fracture under external forces.

    Only in this way can all products of SEBOSS maintain the high level in the metal industry.

  • Material and technology

    Low Carbon Steel Wire
    Galvanized After Welding
    Double Galvanized, Hot-Dipped
    Carton Packaging

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Why Choose Seboss ?

Multiple Uses:

rabbitwire fence/rodent wire/rodent mesh/ chicken run wire/rabbit cage wire/rabbit
wire mesh/rabbit fencing/chicken wire for coop/gopher netting/garden mesh/tree
guard /chicken wire fence/poultry netting/wire mesh screen/ chicken run/soil
sifter/steel wire fencing/duck pen/chicken cage/cat catio

Sturdy Structure
Our products are constantly improving welding methods, these methods are not unique. Only high quality steel wire and good methods can improve product quality.

Uniform Mesh
Smooth mesh surface, each holes is the same size, so that you can make your works look extremely beautiful, you can have a happy mood every time you see these galvanized wire

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💯All SEBOSS products have a 5-year quality guarantee, and rich accessories are provided to suit all your usage conditions. If you buy the item of inappropriate size, etc, or you just don’t like it, you can go back 1 month. We will provide you with a refund or exchange service within 48 hours.