Wire mesh/hardware cloth introduction

Wire mesh/hardware cloth introduction

Wire mesh definition

Steel wire/iron wire weaving, welding, cutting, stamping and other processes to form a network of goods.  Used in coal mountain, mining, construction, aquaculture, glass factory, petroleum, hardware products, petrochemical, construction machinery, protection with nets, barbecue nets, crafts with nets, food machinery with nets, cooking utensils with nets, walls with nets, chicken coop, chicken run, gopher wire, can also be used as a solid material classification screening, liquid and mud filtration. 


Wire mesh/Hardware cloth material  

General civilian common wire mesh material has low carbon steel Q195, Q235, iron wire, stainless steel wire;  Industrial or special purpose lead wire, high quality alloy steel 45, 50, 55, 60, 65, etc 

Type of Wire mesh/Hardware cloth

Wire mesh/Hardware cloth production process is divided into: woven type, spot welding type, cut pull type, stamping type, surround type, twist made into type, anchoring type, collectively referred to as wire mesh or wire mesh.  

Barbed wire has further developed and expanded, with today's various types such as: guardrail, protective net, gilled net, woven net, hook flower net, Dutch net, welding net, steel welding net, wire welding net, wire gilled net, wire fence;  Mesh, etc. Wire mesh according to use subdivided into: flood control wire mesh: stone cage mesh, gabion mesh, wall mesh, wire cage, honeycomb mesh, ecological mesh, ecological mesh cage, road reinforcement network, port engineering network, retaining wall, green mesh, heavy hexagonal mesh.  Traffic safety protection with wire fence: highway fence network, road fence network, airport fence network, railway fence network, bridge fence network, factory fence, stadium fence, workshop warehouse fence, construction site fence, district fence network.  Barbed wire for cultivation: Dutch net, hook net, diamond net.  Coal mine wire mesh: underground metal mesh, coal mine warp and weft net, coal mine mesh, coal mine safety net, coal mine support network, coal mine safety support network, mine mesh, mine wire mesh, coal mine woven wire mesh, coal flat mesh. 


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